Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spark of life!


I lost what I was …

When the battle had just begun

Some say there was none

But I know there was one…..

Its wrong to say I hadn’t tried

But I fell back with every stride

The only regret, just one,

I lost the battle which was to be won..

But life itself is a battle

In the end to be lost and forgotten

So what, if my dreams were shattered

There will be many nights to dream on

And sunny days to enliven them….

Cause it’s not the size of spark

But its presence is what matters.......

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Game Over


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If tomorrow be a better day,

Let me fly away.

If tomorrow sets things my way,

Let me wait another day.

For now I got my life in my hands,

And I’ll take this moment as another chance.

You may like to run away,

But I’ll stand here and wait for you ….anyway

I may have fallen,

Surely to rise and walk.

My dreams may have been stolen,

But I still have many to unlock.

For now I got my life in my hands,

And I’ll take this moment as another chance.

You may like to run away,

But I’ll stand here and wait for you….. anyway

I always wanted to break free,

And the game is already over for me.

If you still would like to play,

I got no reasons to be your fool and stay.

For now I got my life in my hands,

But I still can give you another chance.

This time please don’t part the way,

And I know that you’ll come back to me……someday...

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Mirror...

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I wish there was a mirror,

Which told me how I felt

Which showed me my true self

But then I am afraid

That if I knew what I was

Would I still love myself?

Mirrors are traders,

They give you what you give them..

Neither less, nor more

But of some things m still unsure

Wht if …..the mirror doesn’t reflect the truth ?

Wht if ….its a shrewd trickster,

Swindling around with our images?

Coz what I see in the mirror is not me, I know

And what I really am, I still hesitate to show….

I wonder whether I will find a true mirror,

Reflecting ME,

Echoing MY voice…

Though harsh, but so true,

Though aching, but still so sweet,

Coz mirror is reflection of pretence, not thoughts

It is so untrue and false,

It deceives me throughout my life,

Gets me back to the start…

to go around again!

I blind myself to my own thirst….

I starve my soul,

Bind my flight,

Curb my voice,

Mould my image,

To fit that mirror,

Oh! That limiting mirror…

Unaware of my potential,

Ignorant of my choices……

If it’s just that mirror which hold me back

I refuse to gaze in it

I reject the need of its approval

Coz I know that it’s too shallow to gauge my depth

And I pity those who spend their whole life framed in that mirror….

Oh! That limiting mirror…..

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Magic Powder

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A magic to some

Many get hypnotized,

Sooner or later to learn

The tunnel ends in darkness black….

A black hole say some

Some say magic black

But I tasted the rare perfume

Which smelt truth, some time back…..

Too weak to smile

Too frail to speak

Too tied to run

Too sleepy to see

Too cold to feel

Too blinded to understand

What actually was ……

Coz I was drugged…..

Yes I WAS drugged….

The magic ended…as it was supposed to

But it was too late…

By now everyone was under its spell…

What difference does it make….

You get drugged or it drugs them all?

I woke up sadder, but wiser

Ran away when I heard it coming closer….

The magic left me with pain

And I learnt never to trust again…

Wht if….I had not been drugged?

Wht if …..I never woke?

Wht if ….I remained a slave forever…..

And gave up my all…… forever?

I wish you learn it the easier way,

But if you fall for it, which you may ..

Remember what I say

Run for your dear life straight away…..

Or get drugged like me

Crave for life and free-will

Cause it is on the kill

It IS on the kill…….

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life is a function of time and luck!!!

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One step low, one step high..

I am still where I was as time slips by…

People come, people go ..

I still don’t know who I really know…

Is it love?? or is it hate ..

Can I figure it out before it’s too late????

I am blamed that I have changed…

Why shouldn’t I; when all the others do the same….

For I am the master ..

But still my own slave….

I live my own life….

to go down my own grave…

For once I realize the crux of life …….

And the very next; I do forget …

That life is a function of time and luck ,

And I still don’t know which flowers to pluck…